WEMALO Features

WEMALO software has been developed especially for your needs as a logistician, trading company and online retailer.

The software organizes your warehouse as well as the dispatch and guarantees a smooth flow in the final process of your customer relationship. WEMALO is already successfully in use as fulfillment software at several locations and has proven to increase productivity, efficiency and quality.

Connect locations worldwide

WEMALO focuses on processes and goods management. By making use of the multi-storage capability or even by setting up branches as warehouses, you can open up a wide range of new sales opportunities for yourself.

Centralized warehouse management

Connecting branches with each other

Retail and online shop from one source

Smart Order Collection for a central point of delivery

Process-controlled goods movements

Data connection & interfaces

Our extensive range of interfaces enables you to react flexibly to new customers and growth options! For example, you can easily and simply connect dealers and your own software solutions. Create entire warehouse and branch networks. Via Smart-Sync, the stocks and information in each system are always up to date.

Direct connection to all common shipping service providers

Direct connection to sell accounts of various marketplaces (e.g. Amazon)

Direct connection to all common online shop systems

Own REST API as well as generic XML and EDI interfaces

Automated product data and order import

Automated status change of the order in the customer system

Action Dashboard

With the WEMALO Action Dashboard you can offer your customers a clearly structured portal that makes your stock and e.g. the status of orders transparent. In addition, a ticket system, a returns portal as well as a powerful tool for automated invoicing are available. The costs and conditions stored in WEMALO are transparently displayed there on a daily basis and can be invoiced to the customer on a monthly basis with just one click.

You reduce your administrative effort for your customers in logistics by over 60 percent!

Customer portal with unlimited users

User administration

Returns portal

Order management with status change and TrackingID

Automated billing

Customer cancellations, address changes, goods registration and much more

Support ticket system


Employee Needs

WEMALO is also used by the Elbe-Werkstätten in Hamburg, for example, for handicapped employees. Special picklist profiles can be created, for example, to limit the weight or size of an item. By means of personal picking profiles, even physically handicapped pickers can be used optimally. Users with assigned pick profiles only see matching pick orders on their device.

User-defined access restrictions

Individual user profiles

Picklist profiles (max. weight, max. parts etc.)

Adjustable intermediate scans for precise employee guidance

Goods receipt

With WEMALO you can receive goods in any way. Whether containers, boxes, pallets or loose goods: everything is possible. And if no barcode is attached to the goods, WEMALO allows you to print a unique code.

Valid master data: Product dimensions and weight determination

Barcode generation and output

Batch and serial number management

Services e.g. checking quantities, relabelling etc.

Cross-docking and fast shipping

Experience-based storage location suggestions for goods receipts

Warehouse management and control

The better the software maps the warehouse, the more productively processes can be controlled, adapted and optimized. With WEMALO you can not only manage your pick- and replenishment warehouses as well as pallet and high-bay warehouses at one or several locations but also set up workstations and equipment.

Workstation management with device allocation

Management of loading aids (picking boxes)

Fixed and chaotic storage

Key date related and rolling stocktaking

Stock level and booking history at item level

Intelligent relocation

Smart Storage Management is used to ensure efficient utilization of storage capacities. The warehouse is continuously automated and intelligently restructured. WEMALO searches for optimization potential and prepares relocation orders to compress the warehouse and optimize processes.

Store goods with similar properties close together

Store goods with short turnaround time in front

Frequently shipped bundles of goods are stored close to each other

Automatic stock transfer orders from replenishment warehouse

Transfer of packed packages

Consideration of the date of minimum durability

Efficient picking strategies

WEMALO creates picking lists adapted to your warehouse and your employees. Whether multi- or singlepick, you decide for yourself and it’s very simple. WEMALO supports you with automatic picking list generation and route-optimized picking to ensure an optimal picking process. And all this without paper! The control takes place either via MDE or smartphone using the WEMALO app for Android devices.

Android app for smartphone use

Adjustable e-mail alerts of incomplete/incorrect orders

Process-controlled picking

MDE optimized picking

Single and multipick strategies with path optimization

Flexible pick list generation & profiles per picker possible

B2B and B2C picking workflows

Individual enclosures (flyers, goodies etc.)

Packing and shipping

WEMALO can respond to the most diverse requirements and customer wishes when packing. The final settlement with the shipping service provider and all necessary documents can be created automatically. The final shipping label print is based on the stored shipping profile. WEMALO automatically generates a shipping label for all common shipping service providers, which is then output via web service (DHL, GLS), cloud (DPD), PDF (shipcloud), CSV (DHL Easylog, DPD Delisprint, GLS Gepart), XML (UPS Worlship) or EDI (Logwin and DTL).

Individual shipping profiles

Individual delivery notes based on client templates

Automated print function - instant printing of documents

Management of (client-specific) packaging material

Packaging proposal during packing

Weight calculation (article & used packaging)

Generation of shipping labels in various file formats

Generation of Amazon delivery documents (FBA)

Returns processing & refurbishment

Returns management is complex. From the acceptance and inspection of the goods to the error analysis and evaluation of returns and refurbishment; in WEMALO everything can be defined and above all documented! Refurbishment is the logical step after the return to reprocess goods and resell them. Follow-up actions, such as passing on repair costs to customers or reordering spare parts, can be easily controlled via the refurbishment mask.

Individual returns solutions at client level

Creation of a return note & label for return shipment

Individually configurable processing scenarios

Overview of accepted and outstanding returns

Definable refurbishment services & reporting

Article characteristics: A/B goods, packaging (UVP/used) etc.

Allows resale