2012 WEMALO’s year of birth

WEMALO CLOUD Software was created as a result of the company’s own need for reliable warehouse software that depicts warehouse processes as individually as possible and can therefore be used in different ways in various industries. This led to the development of the software know-how from the areas of textile logistics (www.finitex.de) and consumer electronic logistics & refurbishment (www.synerlogis.de). The aim was to develop a system that would enable a service provider to automate processes to the maximum extent possible, while remaining highly flexible. In addition, the system had to be easy to use in order to quickly integrate flexible personnel without having to accept quality losses and productivity deficits.

Another important aspect was to reduce the high administrative effort in logistics. Monthly invoicing, the consideration of ad hoc orders is still associated with considerable expenditure and a lot of customer communication in many companies.

With WEMALO this is history, because here at the end of the month all invoices are created at the push of a button and the customer can see his costs daily. There are no more surprises and this leads to a significant improvement in the service provider/customer ratio.


1. March 2012

The decision was made to program a warehouse software by yourself. The first lines of code WEMALO are written.


1. April 2014

The first fashion customer is connected. Standard processes such as goods receipt, warehousing, dispatch and returns management are developed on the


28. April 2015

The Connector is completed and enables a fast connection to other systems, such as DHL,UPS, OXID, MAGENTO, via the open REST


5. August 2016

SpinOFF of the fulfillment software YouSellWeSend. Based on WEMALO, this solution has now been developed to serve many different customers from


11. September 2017

Tech-refurbishment module: Synerlogis can provide sustainable services for circular & rental economy.


17. November 2018

Jump in the Cloud: High scalability and performance optimization form the basis for the development of a global logistics structure.


30. January 2019

ActionDashboard provides revolutionary customer communication and makes service billing easier and more secure than ever!


27. May 2020

New ideas and new requirements form the basis for new development steps. Be curious…!

Due to the many different requirements of the various customers, WEMALO provides you with a central control instrument. Start optimizing your business model and scale it easily. After the WEMALO set-up, start saving costs and optimizing processes immediately.

Simply integrate further locations in Germany, Europe or the whole world.

We will be happy to support you and advise you on the individual modules that make WEMALO such a comprehensive fulfillment software.

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