Frequently asked questions about WEMALO:

WEMALO is a cloud-based software solution (SaaS) for logistics service providers in various industries. In conjunction with the innovative customer dashboard myWemalo, the software offers a logistics service provider a complete and complex solution for integrating customers quickly and easily and processing them efficiently and effectively in the warehouse.

WEMALO is a process-oriented solution and can therefore be easily customised without the need for programming.

Thanks to the innovative concept, individual services can be assigned to a product for incoming and outgoing goods.

An enormous advantage over the competition.

WEMALO is suitable for almost any logistics service provider that has to serve different customers with different requirements at one or more locations.

The special architecture makes it possible to adapt the system to the individual customer requirements of a wide range of industries without any programming effort.

Especially in terms of speed and flexibility, WEMALO offers an incomparable, efficient and effective solution.

With its multilingualism and intuitive interface, WEMALO offers logistics companies with a high proportion of flexible workers an outstanding basis for high productivity and security.

To use WEMALO, you only need to fulfil the following minimum requirements:

fast internet access with at least 10 M/bit
Browser-enabled computers, smartphones or tablets, regardless of the operating system
WLAN printer or via PrintServer

We offer WEMALO as different packages to cater for different business cases and budgets.

With WEMALO Flex, you get the standard functions of WEMALO at a favourable price. You can use WEMALO Flex to organise your warehouse, maintain stock levels and connect shipping service providers and your customers’ online shops via our interfaces, allowing you to fulfil orders professionally.

WEMALO Flex is ideal for logistics service providers who want to integrate new software in parallel without disrupting existing processes or for start-ups that are just getting into logistics.

WEMALO Biz is suitable for professional logistics providers who want to efficiently process several customers at one location within a short space of time.

WEMALO Pro leaves nothing to be desired. Use WEMALO at several locations in Germany or around the world and benefit from the speed and reliability of a genuine fulfilment cloud.

24-hour ticket system support and a hotline from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. during your warehouse working hours.

You can upgrade at any time! A downgrade within the cancellation period.

Depending on prior knowledge, a warehouse location can be 100% operational with WEMALO within 7 to 14 days. The training required is minimal and can mainly be carried out online. Thanks to the very flexible architecture, WEMALO can be easily customised to your own location and storage areas and users can be set up.

You can view our current interfaces at All interfaces are included and you can use them immediately without a long setup and additional monthly costs.

WEMALO is also used in warehouses that serve special product requirements. Refurbishment and repair, MHD batches and serial numbers. Special packaging or subscription shipments. Tell us what special services you have in store for your customers. There are powerful add-ons for the WEMALO software that can also support you with special processes.

Our WMS WEMALO is used in warehouses in Germany and all over the world. Thanks to its multi-location capability, we can network different warehouse locations with each other. Our digital fulfilment network YouSellWeSend acquires new customers every week and selects the right warehouse partner from the network for the enquiry. You may already be the right partner for the next enquiry! You can also use the services of other warehouses. For example, when returning goods abroad, it can be helpful to leave them in the country with a partner instead of bringing them back. For more information, take a look at the YouSellWeSend website:

The WEMALO customer dashboard is an additional, powerful tool for customer retention and processing. Your customers receive their own access to their area and can view their stock levels. Track the status of shipments in the warehouse and communicate with you in a smart and documented way via a ticket system. Incoming goods are also registered in the customer dashboard by your customers and invoices issued can be retrieved by customers.

WEMALO is a cloud software. This means that the software can be used with any modern browser. WEMALO automatically adapts the interface to the screen size. A conventional desktop computer can be used at workstations such as pick and pack stations. We recommend a small device such as a conventional smartphone for working in the field. In handheld mode, functionalities and buttons are optimised for use on small screens.

WEMALO can be used completely without paper. All processes are digital. Of course, documents etc. can also be printed out.

All WEMALO Solutions

Based on our own experience as a warehouse and logistics service provider, we have developed WEMALO. Today, we not only offer a complete solution for warehousing and logistics, but also software modules for all the needs of a modern logistics service provider.

Cloud WMS

The comprehensive warehouse management software for logistics service providers.


The clear dashboard for your customer communication. Customised branding possible.


Interfaces for your systems with automated data transfer. Modular selection.

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