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WEMALO warehouse and logistics software in a live demonstration

Get insights into WEMALO

In our online live demonstration, we will be happy to give you insights into WEMALO, a holistic warehouse and logistics software. Just leave us a telephone number where we can reach you in case of queries and regarding the presentation coordination.

In the demo we will explain everything you need to know about Wemalo. We will take time to look at the interface and guide you on which features you should try first. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision.

During the demo, we will introduce a few different tools and explain how they work. First we will look at the user interface and discuss what is possible there. Then we will go into the details and explain exactly which functions are best for you.

In addition, you will also learn about various features that are not available with other systems. These features make Wemalo even more versatile and user-friendly. We would also like to show you which extension options are available and how to integrate with other platforms.

At the end of the live demo you will have a good understanding of what Wemalo can do and the benefits it offers. If you have any questions afterwards or need further support, our experts will be happy to help!

FAQs Online-Live-Demo

Of course, you can do the demo with several people. It is even advisable to bring in other employees from different departments of your company to understand WEMALO in the best possible way.

To enjoy the best demo experience with WEMALO and understand all the features at their best, we advise you to watch the online demo on a monitor rather than on tablets or smaller devices – without any special equipment.


WEMALO controls processes

WEMALO is already used for various industry solutions, you can define your processes individually without any programming effort.

Yousellwesend Team

Marketplace for retailers and logisticians who have unlimited storage space at their disposal. Retailers can grow globally with one interface and one system.

Hennes & Mauritz Team

Warehouse management incl. connection of the branches which order their goods online via our shop management system and automatically transmit orders to the warehouse.

Grover - Rental Business

The entire logistics process of returns from the rental business is organised, including technical inspections, refurbishment and management on a serial number basis.

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