WEMALO Dashboard

The dashboard for your customer communication.
Through WEMALO Dashboard, your customers can view and control the warehouse processes without any communication effort.

WEMALO functions

Information management tool to monitor, analyse and visually display warehouse processes for your customers.


With widgets in WEMALO Dashboard we facilitate the overview and access to important information.

Customer visualisation

Total number of customers & Number currently logged in

Partner visualisation

Total number of partners & number currently logged in

Product visualisation

Number of products with missing geodata

Product visualisation

Total stock of products in the warehouse

Non-EU orders

Number of non-EU orders with missing invoice documents

Processed goods receipts

Number of processed goods receipts of the current day

Processed returns

Number of processed returns of the current day

Returns not yet processed

Number of returns not yet processed

Storage volume

Total storage volume of the stored products

Processed orders

Number of processed orders of the current day

Orders received

Number of orders received on the current day

Last orders

Overview of the last 10 orders

Incorrect orders

Number of incorrect orders

Dispatched orders

Number of dispatched orders of the current day


View of the "last open tickets


To improve productivity, WEMALO Dashboard has a management area where you have an overview of your warehouse locations, your customers and the administrators.


Overview of all warehouses created in the dashboard


Overview of all clients created in the dashboard


Overview of all administrators of the dashboard


You can configure your WEMALO dashboard according to your needs and wishes.

Role administration

User role management and configuration


Management and configuration of WEMALO instances

Bookmark Info

Creating messages for the bookmark info icon

E-mail templates

Creation of e-mail templates

Instances Planio

Managing Planio instances (when using Planio)

Translation Configurator

Adapt and edit translations


Creation of groups (warehouse or customer groups)

Import templates

Possibility to import own templates into the dashboard


Via WEMALO Dashboard you have access to all warehouse processes and manage orders quickly and efficiently.



Overview of orders


Orders in "open" status


Cancel order


Upload order documents


Prioritise order


Direct connection

direct link to the order in WEMALO

Split order

Split order by e-mail

Administration Shipping Service Provider

Change shipping service provider

Address management

Changing the recipient's address

Edit order items / articles

Add information to articles

Order processing

in the "sent" status

Request return


Create investigation order

Import of goods orders

Possibility to import orders via csv file

Orders sent

Overview of shipped orders incl. tracking number


Product list

Overview of all stored products

Product list

Overview products with information such as cell type, quantity, reservations

Locking bearing overview

Geodata of the products

Import of geodata of the products (possible once)

Product import

Possibility to import products via csv file

Product features

Possibility to create product attributes

Product bundles

Overview Product Bundles & Import

Goods receipts

Goods receipt list

Overview of all notified goods receipts

Notify goods receipt

Creation of a WE-Aviese

Import goods receipt

Possibility to import WE via csv file


Returns list

Overview of processed returns


With WEMALO Dashboard you have an accounting area where you can generate and manage your invoices with suppliers and customers quickly and clearly.

Invoice preview

Creation of an invoice preview


List of receipts from support / ticket requests (if linked)


Overview of the created invoices

Invoice templates

Creation and overview of invoice templates

Price list

Price list for your services

Packaging materials

Attachment of prices for shipping material per customer


Creation of prices for dispatch per customer

Check Invoice

Check the invoices

Invoice credits

Arrangement of credit notes


Easy customer communication through WEMALO Dashboard. Quickly and easily create accounts for your customers so they have 24/7 access to their information.

Profile and user

Create profiles for Dashboard users

General setting

general disclosures

Notification Configuration

to keep up to date with warehouse information


In WEMALO Dashboard you can add articles with relevant information for your customers.

Blog entries

Overview of all blog entries as a service for your customers

New blog entry

Creation of a new blog entry

E-mail dispatch

From WEMALO Dashboard you can send emails and bulk emails to your customers.

Send emails

Sending mails to Dashboard contacts

E-mail group

Create email groups to send bulk emails.

Upload documents

and send by email to clients from the dashboard

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