Project H&M

H&M (short for Hennes & Mauritz) is a Swedish clothing retailer. H&M offers clothing, accessories and shoes for women, men and children as well as home accessories worldwide via its shops and online retail. Since 2007, following company acquisitions, the group has included other brands, some of which are sold through its own shops.

Project description:

In 2019, H&M Australia supplied its shops from a central warehouse. Supplying the shops, including ordering the required materials, was handled manually. It was not only necessary to set up an order management system, but also a logistics solution. In addition, it needed to be intuitive to use without requiring a lot of training and the logistics software needed to be implemented during the ongoing process.

Solution approach:

We used WEMALO as the logistical basis. The cloud-based solution is quick to implement and easy to use. We simply used a Shopware 5 shop system as the order management system so that the users in the shops can be quickly familiarised with it, as everyone here has already shopped online in a shop and therefore knows the necessary steps for placing an order. The stock is available in real time via the integrated interface and the orders are sent ad hoc to the warehouse so that the orders can be combined for each shop.


We were able to prepare and set up the basic WEMALO system, which is installed in the Google Cloud, together with H&M via video call, so that we effectively only needed 3 days on site to enable a 10,000 square metre warehouse to map logistical activities using software.

We were also able to configure the order system based on Shopware in advance so that H&M could already create the products.

"The whole project was a complete success from start to finish. I didn't think it would be possible to set up a warehouse so quickly. I find the combination of the shop system with the logistics software in particular a creative and efficient solution. We can only recommend WEMALO as a logistics software and the team and wish them all the best!"

Christian Kampe
H&M Logistic-Manager Australien & Neuseeland
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