Available on all devices

WEMALO was specifically designed to accompany and optimize every phase of your warehouse processes. Whether you’re accepting new goods, processing returns, picking products or preparing shipments, WEMALO software supports you every step of the way on any device.

Mobile devices in the Warehouse

WEMALO automatically adapts to the different devices and accompanies you optimally through the warehouse processes.

Intuitive and user-friendly

The simple user interface shortens the learning curve and allows new employees to be up and running quickly.

Continuous flow

From receiving to shipping, we guarantee a seamless workflow that increases customer satisfaction and optimizes your operation..

Mistakes are the Past

Avoid costly errors by managing key tasks such as picking and packing products with software support.

Highly efficient

Maximize your team’s productivity by eliminating manual processes and reducing inventory management errors.


Instead of getting bogged down with paper forms or manual entries on the computer, you can use a handheld device to enter merchandise information directly and easily into the system. This reduces errors and speeds up the booking process.

Scan of barecodes or QRcodes

Inconsistency warnings

Integration into the inventory

Intuitive use and guided processes


Using a mobile device to receive returns and goods sent to the warehouse increases the efficiency, accuracy and traceability of the collection process.

So with WEMALO, you can offer faster and more organized processing of returns, which in turn improves customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Scan Returns

Realtime Inventory update

Instant booking

Order picking

WEMALO also supports you optimally on the floor during order picking or stocktaking. Simplify your processes, reduce errors and maximize customer satisfaction by using WEMALO optimally on all devices.

Accurate and fast picking

Scan without mistakes

Improve inventory accuracy

Optimization of resources

Even when picking, all important info is available on a small device:

Clear packaging instructions


Automated label generation

Optimization of the packaging space

Stock transfer

WEMALO enables optimized route planning and accurate tracking of goods movements within the warehouse. This results in more efficient operations, more accurate inventory management, and gets your employees working better:

False location warnings


Stock tracking

Records for audit (traceability)

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