Increase your efficiency with WEMALO

Save time and manage your warehouse with WEMALO.

WEMALO WMS Functions

With WEMALO you work efficiently and effectively in the warehouse and manage all processes.

Incoming goods

Manage your orders with WEMALO and assign incoming goods to the right order in a flash.

Import of order data

Goods receipt: Posting to storage bin

Storage space proposal for WE booking

Warehouse barcode creation

Individual processes and quality inspection


Batch and BBD recording

Serial number management

Pick & Pack

With picking in WEMALO, picking and packing is handled easily and effectively.

Generation of individual collective orders

Single and Multi Order Picking

Flexible picklist generation

Path-optimised picking


MDE-supported order picking

SmartApp module for smartphones

Shipping label generation and printing

Special treatment of prepayment and customs

Single and Multi Shipping Profile & AddOn

Outgoing goods self-collector

Automatic print function

Process controlled picking

Packing list generation for multi-package shipping

Individual templates


Synchronise stock levels and workflows for optimal inventory management across your warehouse locations.

Carrying out inventories

Rolling stocktaking

Random inventory/sample

Instruction-oriented inventory by chance and employees

Export system inventory as Excel file

Returned goods

With WEMALO Returns Management you can easily process returns and define returns processes.

Returns acceptance

Individual returns processing

Deposit of return reasons

Return instruction at product level


With the WEMALO production module, you can control production according to demand and gain insight into the production process to ensure the quality of the products.

Mark products as relevant for production

Create production orders

Implementation of the production


Batch and serial number management

In WEMALO you can enter batches and serial numbers when you receive items in purchasing or production, so that you get a history and traceability of the products in the warehouse.

Batch management at client level

Batches in Pick&Pack

Serial Number Management & History

Stock overview Charge+ / BBD

Data connection

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XML file

Various shipping service providers

Master data

In WEMALO you manage global settings and information about the products in one place.

Create and edit products

Deposit of product images

Deposit of further document

Product-specific shipping profiles

Single Multi client

Product specific features

Single and multi location


Improve decision-making by identifying and solving management problems before they occur.

Automatic reports, customisable

Booking history

Human Resources Management

Control your staff and assign jobs directly to employees through WEMALO.

Authorisation profiles

Picklist profiles & assignment

Weight limit

Process evaluation

Area restrictions

Intermediate scans in case of quality problems

Manual quantity input

Restrict view


With WEMALO you can create invoices and provide them to your customer with one click.

Weekly and monthly statements

Process times and costs

Settlement export as MS Excel

Manage different price lists

Refurbishment technology

With the WEMALO Refurbishment Technology Module, you can offer your customers even more!

IMEI capture and serial number capture

Spare parts management

Deficiency recording

Editing instructions


After a purchase, sale, return or movement in your warehouses and distribution channels, the stock is updated immediately. The storage of products can be easily controlled and mapped through WEMALO.

Article Pure & Mixed Storage

Locking bearing

Subdivision into zones

Transfer of articles, loading aids & parcels

Storage facility aisles and squares

Cardboard warehouse

Pallet warehouse


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