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WEMALO offers state-of-the-art, web-based forwarding software that helps you to optimise your processes, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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Success with our freight forwarding software - how to optimise your transport processes

Looking for an efficient solution for your company? Our forwarder software offers you a wide range of functionalities to optimise your processes. From scheduling to invoicing – with our cloud-based app, you always have an overview of all your data.

Small and large companies benefit from our service, which is specially tailored to the needs of the logistics industry. Discover now how WEMALO can help you reduce overheads and increase customer satisfaction.

Advantages for haulage companies with our software

Save time and increase efficiency

We automate time-consuming tasks and processes so that your employees can use their time for more important and value-adding tasks. This leads to considerable time savings and an increase in operational efficiency.

Cost savings thanks to process automation

By using our software, you can eliminate manual, error-prone processes and save costs in areas such as order management and warehousing. Automation also enables you to utilise your resources more efficiently.

Improved customer satisfaction and service quality

Smooth and timely delivery is crucial for your customers. With our freight forwarding software, you can optimise your supply chains, improve communication with customers and ensure a high-quality service.

Key features & functions of our freight forwarding software

The key features of our forwarding software WEMALO. How automated order management, real-time warehouse management and stock control, user-friendly interface & customer support, as well as integration with other systems and expansion options are crucial to the success of your business:

Automated order management:

Enter orders, track their status and manage them in real time. All data is centralised and accessible at all times, minimising duplication and errors.

Real-time warehouse management and stock control:

Monitor stock levels in real time, track incoming and outgoing goods, avoid overstocks or shortages and receive alerts for critical stock levels.

User-friendly interface and customer support:

Our software has an intuitively designed user interface that makes it easy to use and quick to familiarise yourself with. In addition, we offer comprehensive customer support, which is available at any time in the event of questions or problems.

Integration with other systems and expansion options:

WEMALO can be seamlessly integrated with other systems and interfaces, such as ERP or CRM software. We also offer flexible expansion options to customise our software to your individual requirements.

Are you interested in haulage software? We at WEMALO are experts and will be happy to advise you. Simply fill out the contact form and receive information.

Advantages of use for companies

With our state-of-the-art haulage software, you benefit from numerous advantages. Smooth invoicing and efficient scheduling save your company time and money.

Thanks to the cloud-based app, you have access to all relevant data at all times and can act flexibly. You are always well informed and can process your orders effortlessly. Thanks to the diverse functions of our software, logistics becomes child’s play for small and large freight forwarders and transport companies.

Our user-friendly solution offers a first-class service for your customers and increases the efficiency of your entire organisation. Let us convince you of the possibilities of our freight forwarding software today and optimise your processes with ease!

Efficient planning and organisation + save costs

Optimise your processes through efficient planning and organisation with our freight forwarding software. The cloud-based app provides quick access to all relevant data, so you can keep track of everything at all times.

By automating processes, you not only save time, but also costs. Small and large haulage companies alike benefit from our service, which ensures optimal logistics planning. Contact us today and increase the efficiency of your company with our innovative freight forwarding software from WEMALO.

Automation of processes & data

Thanks to the freight forwarding software from WEMALO you can automate your processes efficiently. From order acceptance to invoicing, all steps are managed seamlessly in the cloud.

Automated functions save you time and minimise sources of error. Customer data is managed centrally, which improves communication with your customers. Our freight forwarding software offers small and large companies a customised service to optimise your logistics and reduce costs.

Contact us today. Request information and increase your success with our innovative software solution!

Cost savings and time savings

By using our freight forwarding software, you can save considerable costs and gain valuable time. Efficient invoicing and automated processes allow you to reduce your expenses and increase productivity at the same time.

With just a few clicks, you have all the relevant data stored in the cloud and can access it at any time. Thanks to the functions, you always have an overview of your warehouse. Your customers benefit from a faster service and transparent logistics processing.

Our freight forwarding software is specially designed for small and medium-sized companies and offers a user-friendly interface. Request information today to find out more about the possibilities of our software solutions for freight forwarders.


Freight forwarding software can incur different costs depending on the provider and range of functions. There are usually various pricing models, such as monthly subscriptions, one-off licence fees or usage-based billing.

Prices can also depend on the size of the company, the number of users and the specific requirements of the software. Some providers also offer customised solutions that are individually tailored to the company’s needs and can incur correspondingly higher costs.

It is important to compare the various offers and carefully check which functions are really necessary for your own company in order to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Ultimately, it is crucial that the freight forwarding software offers added value and enables efficient processes in order to save time and money in the long term.

There are different shipping rates that can be customised depending on the shipping and delivery requirements. Some common rates are, for example, the flat rate, where a fixed amount is charged for the transport of a certain weight or volume. The advantage of this rate is the transparent and predictable cost structure.

Another tariff is the kilometre tariff, where the costs are calculated based on the distance travelled. This can be particularly relevant for long-distance transport. There is also the time or hourly rate, where the costs are calculated based on the time required for the transport.

In addition, some haulage companies also offer individual rates that are specifically tailored to the customer’s needs. For example, this may include discounts for regular orders or special conditions for certain types of goods.
Overall, therefore, there are a variety of haulage rates from which companies can choose depending on their requirements and preferences.

Digitalisation has a significant impact on supply chain optimisation. By using digital technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence and big data analytics, companies can make their supply chains more efficient and optimise processes. Real-time data enables better planning, monitoring and control of the entire supply chain.

By automating tasks such as warehouse management, inventory control and transport planning, costs can be reduced. Digitalisation also improves transparency in the supply chain, which leads to a faster response to changes.

Overall, digitalisation offers enormous opportunities for companies to make their supply chains more effective and gain competitive advantages. It is therefore important for companies in all sectors to address this issue and take appropriate measures to optimise their supply chain.

Small and medium-sized companies can benefit from logistics software in a variety of ways. By using such software solutions, processes can be optimised, costs reduced and efficiency increased. The automated planning and control of transport routes and stock levels enables companies to improve their logistics processes and recognise bottlenecks at an early stage.

In addition, logistics software also offers better transparency across supply chains. This not only makes it easier to track the flow of goods, but also contributes to a faster response to unforeseen events such as supply bottlenecks or delays. By utilising modern technologies such as artificial intelligence or the Internet of Things, logistics software can also help to carry out predictive maintenance, which ultimately reduces downtime and therefore increases productivity.

Overall, the use of logistics software for small and medium-sized companies is an important step towards more effective company management in the area of supply chain management.

Several trends will shape the future of logistics software in the coming years. One of these trends is the increased integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning into logistics processes. These technologies will enable companies to optimise their processes, reduce costs and shorten delivery times.

Another important trend is the increasing networking within the supply chain through the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. This will make it possible to monitor the flow of goods in real time and recognise bottlenecks at an early stage.

Sustainability will also play an increasingly important role. Logistics companies will increasingly have to look at environmentally friendly solutions in order to reduce their ecological footprint.

Overall, it can be said that the future of logistics software will be characterised by innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and IoT as well as a strong focus on sustainability in all logistics processes.

Conclusion: Increase your success with our user-friendly haulage software!

You can optimise your processes efficiently with our user-friendly freight forwarding software. By automating processes such as billing or data management, you not only save time, but also costs. Our cloud-based app offers small and large companies the ability to react flexibly to changes in logistics. With WEMALO, you are in contact with your customers at all times and can customise the service. Optimise your logistics with state-of-the-art technology and increase your success in the long term. Put your trust in our many years of expertise in the field of freight forwarding software and let us optimise your transport processes together!
Are you interested in haulage software? We at WEMALO are experts and will be happy to advise you. Simply fill out the contact form and receive information.
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