Cloud WMS - your advantages

Using WEMALO Cloud Warehouse Management Software offers logistics service providers many advantages for companies that want to optimise and modernise their warehouse management and personnel deployment.

Here are some of the key benefits of WEMALO:

WEMALO is a 100% cloud-based software

Cost efficiency:

Cloud storage software generally requires a lower initial investment compared to conventional solutions. It relieves companies of the costs of server hardware, software licences and maintenance.


Cloud warehouse software is often scalable, allowing companies to easily adapt their warehouse management software to changing requirements and growth.

Updates and maintenance:

Cloud storage software providers are responsible for maintenance and updates, which ensures that the software is always up to date and security vulnerabilities are fixed.

Real-time information:

Cloud warehouse software usually provides real-time information on stock levels, orders and deliveries. This enables companies to make informed decisions and improve customer service.


Many cloud warehouse software solutions offer automation features to increase the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse management. This can include order picking, inventory updates and more.


Reputable cloud providers invest in security measures to protect their customers' data. This often includes encryption, access controls and data backup.


Cloud warehouse software can usually be easily integrated into other company systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or e-commerce platforms, which enables the smooth flow of information between different departments.

User friendliness

Most cloud warehouse software solutions offer a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for employees to familiarise themselves with the system.

Reporting and analysis:

Cloud warehouse software often offers advanced reporting and analysis tools that allow companies to monitor key performance indicators and optimise processes.


Cloud warehouse software can be used on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, which increases the mobility and flexibility of employees.

Environmental friendliness

Cloud warehouse software can help to reduce paper consumption and optimise processes, which contributes to an overall more environmentally friendly warehouse management.


Overall, cloud warehouse software enables companies to achieve more efficient, flexible and transparent warehouse management while reducing the cost and complexity of IT infrastructure. This can help to increase competitiveness and promote business growth.
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